Library Fnormalization

Require Import Inclusion. (* wf_incl *)
Require Import Inverse_Image. (* wf_inverse_image *)
Require Import Wf_nat.
Require Import Omega.
Require Import Min.

Require Import minmax.
Require Import Flanguage.

Inductive Fnormalization_v := .

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Strong normalization of the untyped Indexed Calculus

Definition der b a := red a b.

We define a very simple measure on indexed terms. The measure of a term is its top-level index.
Definition measure a :=
  match a with
    | Var k _k
    | Lam k _k
    | App k _ _k
    | Unit kk
    | Pair k _ _k
    | Fst k _k
    | Snd k _k
    | Absurd k _k
    | Inl k _k
    | Inr k _k
    | Match k _ _ _k
    | Gen k _k
    | Inst k _k

Lowering by k a term a forces the measure of the resulting term to be lower than k.
Lemma measure_lower : k a, measure (lower k a) k.
Proof. induction a; simpl; minmax. Qed.

The measure strictly decreases by reduction. This is the key of the proof.
Lemma red_measure : a b, red a bmeasure b < measure a.
intros a b Hred; induction Hred; [destruct c|..]; simpl; auto;
repeat match goal with
         | H : _ _ |- _destruct H
match goal with
  | |- measure (lower ?k ?a) < _
    apply le_trans with (m := S k); auto; pose proof (measure_lower k a); minmax

The reduction of the untyped indexed calculus is strongly normalizing.
Lemma wf_der : well_founded der.
eapply wf_incl; [|apply wf_inverse_image with (f := measure); apply lt_wf].
intros b a Hred; apply red_measure; auto.

Definition Fix := @Coq.Init.Wf.Fix term der wf_der.

Since all indexed term are strongly normalizing, we may prove properties by induction on the reduction of some indexed term.
Lemma ind_red : a (P : termProp),
  ( a, ( b, red a bP b) → P a) → P a.
Proof. intros a P F; induction (wf_der a); apply F; apply H0. Qed.

Ltac induction_red a := let IHa := fresh "IH" a in
  apply (ind_red a); clear a; intros a IHa.