Library set

Require Import ext.

Inductive set_v := .

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This file defines the notion of sets we will use in the formalization.
A set of elements of type A is a predicate in Prop over A.
Definition set {A} := AProp.

We define intersections Inter, complements Cmp, unions Union, inclusions Inc, and equalities Eq.
Definition Inter {A} (R S : @set A) : set := fun aR a S a.
Hint Unfold Inter.

Definition Cmp {A} (R : @set A) : set := fun a¬ R a.
Hint Unfold Cmp.

Definition Union {A} (R S : @set A) : set := fun aR a S a.
Hint Unfold Union.

Definition Inc {A} (R S : @set A) := a, R aS a.
Hint Unfold Inc.

Definition Eq {A} (R S : @set A) := Inc R S Inc S R.
Hint Unfold Eq.

We define the extensionality on sets which lifts the set equality Eq to the equality of Coq.
Lemma extEq : {A} (R S : @set A), Eq R SR = S.
intros A R S [RS SR].
apply functional_extensionality; intros x.
apply propositional_extensionality; split; auto.