Library mxx

Inductive mxx_v := .

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The versions of the type system:
  • P is the paper versions,
  • F is the full version, and
  • S is the soundness version.
Versions E and S have the same rules, but S may ask less premises. Version P does not have the same rules as E and may have less premises for the common rules. We want P to have small derivations. From P to E we push non-syntax directed rules (to the leaves for equality and to the top for strengthening) and add the redundant S premises. And from E to S, we remove the unnecessary E premises.

      | P | F | S |
   mE |<--:-->: |
   mS | :<--:-->|
Inductive Version :=
| vP (* paper *)
| vF (* full *)
| vS (* soundness *)

Definition Mode := (bool × Version)%type.

The condition mE v is used for premises of P not used in S. These premises are thus available in both P and E and necessary for extraction.
Definition mE (v : Mode) :=
  match snd v with
    | vPTrue
    | vFTrue
    | vSFalse

The condition mS v is used for redundant premises of S and rules of E not in P.
Definition mS (v : Mode) :=
  match snd v with
    | vPFalse
    | vFTrue
    | vSTrue

Definition mR (v : Mode) :=
  match fst v with
    | trueTrue
    | falseFalse

Hint Unfold Mode mE mS mR.